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Green / Black or Yellow / Navy Blue
Choose your color to not mess with safety

The High Visibility Cycling Jacket for Urban Riders

175,00 CAD
Reversible Reversible Adjustable Cycling Fit Dual watertight zippers Breathable Extended Palm Sleeves Pockets Back Pocket & Cycling Fit Waterproof Touchscreen Pocket Two-way Zipper
Don't risk your safety during your morning or evening rides
The Urban Circus High Visibility Cycling Jacket features fluorescent fabric designed to capture invisible UV light and increase its visibility, so you never need to worry about getting lost under cloud cover, fog, at dusk, or at dawn.

For your night rides, our retroreflective material combines glass beads with a prismatic technology that join forces to reflect light back in the direction of its source (e.g. a car's headlights) from any angle, so you're always riding in the light.

Modern Cyclist Apparel x Life-Saving Fashion
The Urban Circus High Visibility Cycling Jacket comes equipped with enough reflective and fluorescent material to keep you visible in any lighting condition, any time, day or night.
Our jacket complies with the European Standardisation Organisation (ESO) as certified protective visibility clothing for non-professional use (reference NF EN-1150), so you can ride with peace of mind every time you zip up.
About us
As members of the alternative transportation community, we couldn't understand why we were forced to sacrifice fashion for function in order to stay safe when riding our bikes, scooters, or skateboards.

So, we did something about it.

In October 2015, we decided we were through complaining about the lack of clothing that combined safety and style, and we put our heads together to create a line of cyclist apparel that was fashionable and fun, with the ability to save lives of urban cyclists.

From there, Urban Circus was born.
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